so whos name are we crying
when we are lonely.

because of what loss
do we shed our tears.

which secret
have we forgotten,
that keep us seeking
and searching and longing
for salvation.

and isn´t it the beauty of this sadness,
the beauty of the longing, coming with loneliness,
that wants to be seen.

and once
when it is seen,
embraced and shared,
aren´t we free -
to embrace life in an endless celebration
of everything again.

look around you,
start to recognize the abundance:
nature, friends,
each step on the ground,
your body
a miracle.

the blooming and the fading,
one cannot be without the other.

all belongs to all,
all is here for all.

beauty wants to be seen -
and shared.

so thank you for sharing my friend,
it makes you so rich -
and your richness makes me so rich.

and slowly,
hand in hand,
we walk

Eva Novak 2012