Eva Novak sings with Gandalf
im Schloß Thalheim

Sounds Of Light am Friedensfest Attersee


interview @ Radio Anukis

Sounds Of Light unplugged
@ VeganFest Wien

Sounds Of Light unplugged
@Friedensfest Attersee


Sounds Of Light - acoustic concert
St.Josef - BSC - Bewusstseinscafe Garten ErÖffnung


Sounds Of Light - acoustic concert
am Sternhof, Arnfels

Dear friends due to requests I inform you about the possibility to order the physical CD Full Circle directly here - music (at) evanovak.at -
download the album here

Merry Christmas to You


open house Braman
concert 7pm Bahngasse 38, Wr Neustadt

entrance exibition 5pm - concert 7pm
Inofficial Full Circle CD release presentation
Bluem im Museum, Laudongasse 15-19, 1080 Vienna, Austria

New CD
download the album here


Healing Concert with Kailash Kokopelli
& Pablo J, Künstelergasse 14,
1160 Vienna, 7pm

Liebe ist Nahrung 
Dinner with Concert 6pm
Deli Bluem, Hamerlingplatz 2, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Pan´s Labyrinth

Watch my role as an actress in the video
Lets get naked feat wonderful Louie Austen

and enjoy the 80ies reminder
music by Bubblegum Pink

from July on: CD Production Time - this year I spend all my energies in manifestation of my hearts visions. I will keep you updated and am happy for every support in every direction. thank you so much beloved cocreative Souls, for being a part of the movement

"SOL - lets uplift the world together"

please support my Heart´s Vision
Crowdfunding - Sounds Of Light SOL

17.-19.6. Am Himmel - Ceremony
lets dance the dragon awake
with Lara Cap & Sion Windelov

12.5. "Tanz in die Goldene Zeit"
Eröffnung zu Elke Maria Leithner´s Visionsbildern

Videodreh zu "let´s get naked" release soon

new release with Ovnimoon
The Spirit - vocals Eva Novak

31.1. BlisSing Mantra Concert 19-21.30
         Fokus, Neubaugasse 44, 1070

I wish you the most wonderful new year 2016
blessings on your path - fulfillment of your wildest heartdreams, love, health, joy -
you´ll find the Flo
w of Lifeforce everywher



Sounds Of Light im Focus - Konzert
Neubaugasse 44, 1070, 7.30 pm

15.+16.8. Peace on Tour

Trailer Eva Novak "The Essence"

Waxart Video "We are Now"

Dolphin Video Hawaii on FB :-)

My Soultour 2015 was leading me to US, Hawaii, Southamerica and India - I meditated in the desert, swam wth dolphins, toned with wales, sang with and for people, reconnetcted with the Divine Friend....and learned a little bit of spanish :-)

A blessed journey 2015 to you all !

Trailer Mutter Erde - Event 2014

10.12. BlisSing Mantrasingen im Focus,

18.30-21 Uhr, Wien7, Neubaugasse 44, 

21.11. Konzert @ Gemeinsam für Mutter Erde

2.11.  Bhakti Festival in Wien !

1.11. lange Nacht des Gesangs, Urhof20

17.10. Singen für das Wasser Schönbrunn, Singen, Lauschen, Gebet, Bilder

3.10. Concert ONE Moments SOUNDS OF LIGHT@ONE Festival, 19.30 Uhr

3.10. Circle Singing @ ONE Festival, 18 Uhr

6.9. lange Nacht der spirituellen Lieder in Vöcklabruck

24.8. Heilkreis und Ritual mit Eva und Agnes Slupek

23.6. BlisSing HeilsingKreis, Raum Munay

26.5. BlisSing Heilsingen, 19-21.30 Uhr
Raum Munay. Pokornygasse 23/8, 1190 Wien

13.5.Cosmic, Concert with Shiri Gurfinkel in Cesaria, Israel

9.5. Concert,Sounds Of Light @
Sound Healing Festival, Israel

7.4. BlisSing - Heilsingen, 19-21.30 Uhr
Raum Munay. Pokornygasse 23/8, 1190 Wien

24.3. BlisSing - Heilsingen, 19-21.30 Uhr
Raum Munay. Pokornygasse 23/8, 1190 Wien

21.3. Sounds Of Light
Konzert im feelfreeyoga in Graz, 19.30 Uhr

10.3. BlisSing - Heilsingen, 19-21.30 Uhr
Raum Munay. Pokornygasse 23/8, 1190 Wien

9.3. Konzert & Brunch in Sierning, 10-14 uhr

8.3. BlisSing - kreatives Spiel mit der Stimme
Tagesworkshop in Sierning, OÖ, 10-18 Uhr

24.2. BlisSing - Heilsingen - Erfüllung, 19-21.30 Uhr
Raum Munay. Pokornygasse 23/8, 1190 Wien

5.2.2014 SOL - Sounds Of Light
Eva Novak & Denovaire in Wien

A blessed journey 2014 to you all !

30.12.-1.1.2014 Seelenschwingen, Gratwein/Graz

21.12. Sounds Of Light, Konzert im Rahmen von Avaloka 

22.11. Kunst im Dienst der Liebe, Kunstportal St.Pölten

16.11. BlisSing für Frauen, Koglhäusl, Sierning, 10-18 Uhr

22.9. INBE Cine, open Mind Festival, Mödling 

21.9. Friedensfest, Attersee

20.9. Shamanic Mantra Concert, Koglhäusl, 4523 Sierning, 

13.9. BlisSing, Silent Power, Zürich

12.9. akustische Glücksmomente - Konzert, SilentPower, Zürich

11.8. BlisSing, Pack/Stmk

10.8. Divine Concert, Weltmusiktage Pack/Stmk 

2.8. BlisSing, Wings of Creation, Klosterneuburg

2.8. Concert - a sacred journey, 19.30, Wings of Creation,

1.6. akustische Glücksmomente, Gmunden

24.5. Voice of Heart, lange Nacht der Kirchen, Schönbrunner Schloßkappelle, 

30.4. Blissing im Lichthafen 

19.4. BlisSing - Bliss up your frequency, SilentPower, Altstetterstrasse 121, 8048 ZH, 18.30 - 22 Uhr, info@silentpower.org

17.4. Konzert, Cosmic Cine Festival, Arena Cinemas, ab 17 Uhr
Tickets: www.ticketino.com, festival@cosmic-cine.com

14.4. Live Talk und Konzert, Cosmic Cine Festival Forum, Arena Cinemas, 17-18 Uhr, 

2.4. BlisSing - Bliss up your frequency, Lichthafen, Weißenwolfgasse 4, 1210 Wien, 18-21 uhr

23.3. Osterklänge aus dem Herzen, Konzert, 18.30 Uhr

20.3. BlisSing - Spring awakening call - C4CG, Kolingasse 6/XI, 1090 Wien, 18-21 Uhr

4.3. BlisSing - Bliss up your frequency, Lichthafen, Weißenwolfgasse 4, 1210 Wien, 18-21 uhr

7.1. Interview mit Stefan Keller für INBE Radio